I’m DeAndre. I’m who you’ve been looking for.

You need everything: better branding, original design, smarter strategy, unique user experiences, increased awareness, lots more time to think about the rest of your business. I’m here to take as much as I can off your plate while we make your business look, feel and react in the way you always envisioned.

We can talk buzzwords but the bottom line is you need more users, for less cost, generating more business. I am your 360 in a box. I’ve got experience with startups, agencies and huge corporates to help you manage relationships from either side of the desk. Mobile, desktop, online, print, user interfaces, landing pages, a/b testing, QA, wireframes, display, social? Yep, been there, done that.

Adaptable. You need someone who can jump in and immediately impact your business and I’m that guy. I’ve been employee #3 at early-stage startups and employee #3000 at large corporates so I know how to most effectively leverage my skillset to help your business from day one.

Creativity is key to distinguishing your business and I’m full of good ideas. I’ve even got a patent (#320493240ABCD) with my name on it. I love figuring out how to solve problems and make users’ lives better

Product Creation:
From the ground up, I’ve helped to build more websites than I can count along with widgets and mobile apps for budding startups, boutique agencies and big name clients like USAToday, Bloomberg, Cisco, etc.

UX Design:
UX and UI are my two closest friends and I love taking concepts from wireframes to design to implementation. Most recently, at Travelex, I built an eCommerce website generating $500 million in sales a year across the globe.

A/B Testing:
Hunches will only take you so far, once you’ve got something built it’s time to start seeing what your users are actually doing. Finding way to reduce friction and increase engagement gets me up in the morning.

Great products need someone to shout about them and I’ve worked across the entire spectrum of marketing campaigns from direct mail to email, from newspaper to display, from in-store to in-app - you get the picture.

Online is my home but I’ve also designed large scale projects for direct mail, above the line campaigns and retail. Mediums change but marketing principles are constant - I’ll ensure your business is top of mind regardless of whether it’s in the digital world or IRL.

The success of your business will hinge largely on your branding and how well you can convey to your users what your product does and how it will help them. I love creating the right branding to bring the right message to customers.